Akademski pevski zbor Tone Tomšič University of Ljubljana unites students from all departments of the University of Ljubljana, which share a great love of singing and an unceasing wish to perform at the highest artistic level.

The choir continues the tradition of the Akademski pevski zbor v Ljubljani (Academic Choir of the University of Ljubljana) founded in 1926 by France Marolt, which consisted of male singers only. In the years between 1938 and 1940 Marolt also conducted the Female Academic choir. After the cultural silence held during the Second World War, the choir recommenced its activity, this time as a mixed choir under a new name, Akademski pevski zbor Tone Tomšič. The choir has always been led by recognized conductors such as: France Marolt, Radovan Gobec, Janez Bole, Lojze Lebič, Igor Lavrič, Marko Munih, Jože Fürst, Jernej Habjanič, Stojan Kuret and Urša Lah. From 2009 to 2014 it was led by conductor Sebastjan Vrhovnik. As of September 2014 it is led once again by conductor Stojan Kuret.


The choir’s repertoire includes works from all musical periods, while special attention is paid to modern choral music.

Classical, Contemporary, Early Music
Instrument types
Artistic director
Sebastjan Vrhovnik
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Kongresni trg 12
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+386 1 244 37 39
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+386 31 314 287