Balkansambel is a multiplex music formation that has decided to throw down the gauntlet of all unequal rhythms and manners of Balkan folk music.This unique musical sculpture was made in 2009 as a resolve to give a goodnight kiss to Vienesse waltz and polonaises....Our goal is to make dancing anyone, even those who are convinced of the fact they can’t dance. But if you assume that you are missing a note or two to be able to dance, it’s time to reconsider if you can only count properly ….
Year of foundation
Instrument types
Brass, Keyboard, Percussion, Woodwinds, Voice
Marek Pastírik - saxophone, duduk, kaval, gaida, taragot
Martin Noga - trombone, bass trumpet
Juraj Hodas - tuba
Andrej Rázga - trumpet
Peter Vaňouček - accordion
Martin Králik - drums
Zuzana Burianová - voice
Viktória Kovalčíková - voice, clarinet
Anna Bomborová - voice
Landline phone(s)
+421 949 336 098