The Ensemble " Dithiramvos " consists of four-voice mixed choir and orchestra , under the artistic direction of Despoina Skoulaxenou
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We are dorόs, a quartet of instrumental music. Our goal is for our music to travel and to communicate to as many people as possible inside and outside the borders of Greece. The difficulties make us willful, we get inspired by what we get through, we look to the light and open up a new musical path, a creative lane!
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There are few symphony orchestras in the world that can pride themselves on a tradition as intensive and enduring as that of the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra. The geographical significance of Slovenia, between the Alps and the Adriatic, at the meeting point of the Germanic, Romance and Slavic worlds, and today forming part of the European Union, has permitted musical art to follow the musical trends from North and South and from East and West.
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"Drumming - Percussion group" was founded in Oporto in 1999. The group has been synthesizing the evolution of erudite percussion in Portugal and in western culture. It has rapidly earned the public and the critic's sympathy, and today it is a reference in the Portuguese musical life, performing in the main concert halls of Portugal: Centro Cultural de Belém, Fundação Gulbenkian, Culturgest, Teatro Camões, Teatro Rivoli, Teatro Nacional de S. João, Fundação de Serralves, etc., as well as in Spain, Belgian, France, Germany, Brazil, etc.
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The band idiophoneWas created by the music therapist Michael Tobler autumn 1998 in cooperation with friends and colleagues musicians who wanted to put a few sounds in their lives. Since then and after many changes, thoughts, rehearsals and meetings, it took its final shape.
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Where tradition met modern culture in great fusion, creating wonderful sound.
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ElettroVoce Duo arose out of the collaboration of two composers: Agata Zubel and Cezary Duchnowski. Both are characterized by a unique approach to music - fascination with timbre, an expansion of performance resources, eternal seeking.
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If you are interested in early music, conteporary music and "a capella" singing, then you are in the right place.
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The Ensemble " Enodeia " was created in March '97 from Dimitri Karvouni and a group of musicians of Larissa , for quality approach to Greek art music creation. The repertoire includes all music and songs written for cinema , theater , and independent " song cycles ", from the most important Greek composers Manos Hadjidakis , Mikis Theodorakis Eleni Karaindrou , Nikos Kypourgos , Thanos Mikroutsikos , Stavros Xarchakos etc.
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Members of the band "4SAXESS" are graduates of music academies Ljubljana, Vienna and Frankfurt, which are your musical skills upgrade with specializations in Bordeaux, Paris, Boston, Cologne and Ljubljana. Their extensive experience and individual skills are combined into a homogeneous whole and create a unique, recognizable sound of a saxophone quartet. Musicians explore a variety of musical styles, periods and genres and nourish both classic as well as popularized musical tradition. The assembly is also open to a variety of modern musical trends.
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Founded in 2003 and managed artistically and administratively since 2005 by Contemporaneus - Association for the promotion of contemporary art, the Ensemble Contemporaneus currently has an effective variable musicians and performs regularly in cities across the country under the maestros direction as Rui Ribeiro, Vera Baptista, Paulo Lourenço, Roberto Perez, Pedro Amaral, Christopher Bochmann and João Paulo Santos.
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Darcos Ensemble was created in 2002, in Faro – Portugal –, by the composer Nuno Côrte-Real. In his basis, cello, piano, violin and clarinet, has the musicians Filipe Quaresma, Helder Marques, Reyes Gallardo and Fausto Corneo. The repertoire of the ENSEMBLE DARCOS has the purpose of playing european great composers of chamber music, such as Beethoven, Brahms or Debussy, and the music of Nuno Côrte-Real. This relation gives the Ensemble an author’s project characteristic. The composition of the Ensemble can be from duets to quintets, or the typical 15 musicians structure from the XIX century, by the invitation of musicians from all over the world to play. Since 2006 that the DARCOS ENSEMBLE does an artistic residency in Teatro Cine of Torres Vedras, and begun, in 2008, the Temporada Darcos, chamber music concerts, with comments from the most important portuguese musicians from actuality, such as Rui Vieira Nery, Alexandre Delgado, António Victorino d’Almeida or António Pinho Vargas. Recent projects included, in October’07, a concert in Berlin – Germany –, in June’08, a concert with a video piece – Quatuor pour la fin du temps, Messiaen –, and the string quartet from Schubert, with the special participation of the swedish cello Mats Lidström. With Camerata du Rhône – ensemble from Lyon, France – prepares a programme to be presented in january'10, both in Portugal and France.
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The objective of these four cellists, who established their ensemble in 2004, is to rehearse and perform works from all eras of music history, as well as – most importantly – to expand the cello quartet repertoire with commissioned works and their own compositions.
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Clemens Breakfast was born on 07.03.1972 in Eisenstadt. With seven years of saxophone lessons began at the music school in Horitschon DI Anton Pereskic. At the age of fourteen Clemens breakfast took up the study of classical saxophone in the gifted class at the University of Music and performing arts in Graz University of Music and the performing arts in Graz at Mag.
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The “Estoudiantina” orchestra is a revival of a type of orchestra which was created towards the end of the 19th century and the first quarter of the 20th century. It was most popular in Constantinople and Smyrna and ceased to exist a short time after the evacuation of the Greek communities from these cities. It is an unusual orchestra in terms of the current social trend.
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Auf Einladung des Kroatischen Kulturvereins im Burgenland (HKD – Hrvatsko kulturno društ-vo) weilte im Jahre 1958 Prof. Slavko Janković, ein bekannter Musikologe und Tamburicaex-perte im Burgenland. Er besuchte damals einige Volksschulen mit kroatischer Unterrichtssprache und besprach mit den Lehrern die Möglichkeit des Tamburicaunterrichts an den Schulen. Die damaligen Lehrer an der Volksschule Nikitsch waren von dieser Idee begeistert. So blieb Prof. Janković drei Wochen in Nikitsch und begann die Schüler der Oberstufe auf freiwilliger Basis zu unterrichten.
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What started out as a charity concert performance by five students of Rīga Dome Choir School, has now grown into Framest – an internationally acclaimed and award-winning vocal group with a vast repertoire ranging from classic and jazz to pop and other music genres in original a cappella arrangement. Representing Riga as the European Cultural Capital, touring Latvia as part of the remake of the singing revolution classic rock opera Lāčplēsis, performing in China and working with the Latvian legend, Raimonds Pauls, are just some of the most recent successes of Framest. The current lineup comprises two founding members, Jānis and Mikus, as well as later recruits Beāte, with the group since 2010, and Rūta and Roberts, who joined in 2013.
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The "Gaudeamus" chamber orchestra was founded in 2002 as a part of ŠKUC (Students' cultural centre). It consists of students of Ljubljana Academy of Music, postgraduate students of foreign academies and young musicians, all of them winners of numerous national and international awards. The orchestra consists of: 9 violins, 3 violas, 2 violoncellos, contrabass, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, trumpet, trombone, piano (harpsichord) and percussion. A string quartet and 14- member ensemble for modern music also form a part of the orchestra, the basic function of which is presentation and affirmation of young authors and interprets, for the orchestra's focus lies in performing modern, and above all, Slovenian music. Despite its rather short existence, "Gaudeamus" can pride itself on more than twenty first performances of works by young Slovenian composers and cooperation with numerous young soloists. Both the orchestra and the ensemble are led by conductor Aleksandar Spasić.
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The Gitante show a dynamic instrumental music program that connects skillfully and aesthetically traditional music of different peoples with classical chamber music and jazz. Classical guitar with flamenco flavor, flute, violin and bassoon take to travel the public in an unprecedented and specific musical destinations. Rate, volume, melodic lines, ornate orchestrations and improvisation dominate and bring the music of Gitante.The Gitante show a dynamic instrumental music program that connects skillfully and aesthetically traditional music of different peoples with classical chamber music and jazz. Classical guitar with flamenco flavor, flute, violin and bassoon take to travel the public in an unprecedented and specific musical destinations. Rate, volume, melodic lines, ornate orchestrations and improvisation dominate and bring the music of Gitante.
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Founded in Porto in May 1978, MUSICAL WORKSHOP began the following month its activity oriented to the study and dissemination of twentieth-century music.Until now it carried out more than two hundred shows in which collaborated besides those of his instrumental ensembles, young artists beginning their careers (the support the latter is one of the guidelines of MUSICAL WORKSHOP) and groupings and soloists of more high level, such as the Electronic Studio of the Cologne Music Academy, the Quartet Takacs-Nagy, Marie-Françoise Bucquet pianists Claude Helffer and Sequeira Costa, cellist Siegfried Palm, flutist Pierre-Yves Artaud, trombonist Vinko Globokar and keyboard player Annette Sachs.
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The Vocal Olisipo Group was founded in 1988 and has since been directed by Armando Powerful. Their repertoire is vast and eclectic, encompassing works from the medieval period to the present day. He has frequently collaborated with composers and presented in first audition works of Bob Chilcott (Irish Blessing), Ivan Moody (The Meeting in the Garden, The Prophecy of Symeon), Christopher Bochmann (Maria Matos Medley, Morning and opera Body and Soul) Eurico Carrapatoso (Magnificat in Gold Carving, Most Serene Garden, Stabat Mater), Vasco Mendonça (It was a Round Vocábulo), Luis Tinoco (the travelers of the Night) and Manuel Pedro Ferreira (Delirium), among others.
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Founded in 1964 by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Coro Gulbenkian has a full symphonic formation of around 100 singers, but it can also appear as a smaller vocal ensemble, according to the nature of the performed musical works. Thus the Coro Gulbenkian may appear as an a cappella ensemble, performing 16th to 18th century Portuguese polyphony, or join the Orquestra Gulbenkian or other orchestras to perform the Classical, Romantic and Contemporary choral-symphonic literature. It has also performed (and often premiered) many 20th century works by Portuguese and international composers.
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“Harris Lambrakis Quartet” is a group of musicians who live in Athens, Greece. Centerpiece of their music is modal jazz and mutual interaction.
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The hot club de Grece created by Giannis Loukatos, follows the steps of the Hot Club of France, the orchestra created by the legendary gypsy guitarist Django Reinhardt in the '30s. The music of Django, which is more widely known as gypsy jazz, not only remains alive, but continues to fascinate and attract many funs worldwide. The Hot Club de Grece took part in various musical events and festivals as well as the biggest music scenes in Athens. Apart from music and songs of Django, Hot Club includes in its repertoire French songs and jazz standard
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The Croatian Baroque Ensemble is the most prominent Croatian ensemble specialized for historically authentic interpretations of instrumental and vocal and instrumental music from the baroque and similar periods, performed on original instruments and their quality replicas.
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"Grand personalities interact unsentimentally, considerately and with heart all at once, creating an emotional eddy that is difficult to explain.”
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The vocal ensemble IT (Improvising & Tuning) is a vocal workshop that runs in repertory in the context of pop, rnb, neo soul.It is one of the strongest parts with great potential students each year. Tracks modifies, with infinite freedom in vocal improvisation . In LT can participate who have well-tuned voice and adequate musical sounds , they could work on modern harmony , dynamics and improvisation within one sounded effect. The LT can help singers to color their interpretation and learn backing vocals in an easy way .
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The ensemble’s main artistic goal is the dissemination of contemporary music creation.
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Imam Baildi is a very popular Southeast Mediterranean dish consisting of aubergine stuffed with onion, garlic, and tomatoes simmered in olive oil. It is a similar fine blend that Lysandros (drums, percussion) and Orestis (DJ, programming) Falireas do - only in musical terms!
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Instrumenti, a two-piece electro indie pop band, has proven to be one of the most sought-after and best Baltic acts of the decade.
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