Vocal ensemble «Brevis» has been founded in 1995. Within the choir there are acting two ensembles: children’s choir «Brevis» (vocalists from 13 to 16 years of age) and a Vocal ensemble «Brevis» (girls choir - vocalist from 18 to 24 years of age). All of the vocalists started their «internship in singing» with well-known children’s choir of Osijek, i.e. «Osječki zumbići» (Tiny mosquitoes of Osijek).
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“Vox Animae” was founded in October 2007 as a part of the University of Split (Croatia), and since December 2011 it has been functioning independently. Due to its diligent and devoted work, with repertoire including pieces by Croatian and other authors spanning from the Renaissance to the 21st century, the choir reached high quality of interpretation, soon recognized by audience.
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The Warsaw Cellonet Group was founded in 2007 and consists of young Polish cellists - talented soloists and laureates of international competitions (including the Witold Lutoslawski International Cello Competition). The ensemble is directed by Andrzej Bauer.
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The Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra gave its first concert on 5th November 1901 in the newly erected Philharmonic Hall. This inaugural concert was conducted by Emil Mlynarski, the Philharmonic’s first Music Director and Principal Conductor and featured the world-famous pianist, composer and future statesman Ignacy Jan Paderewski. The all-Polish programme of this historic concert included Paderewski’s Piano Concerto in A minor as well as works by Chopin, Moniuszko, Noskowski, Stojowski and Zelenski.
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Brass band KUD Pošta Maribor, consists of 80 members of different ages and training. They play a rich repertoire contains mainly concert music and symphonic sounds.It has classified in competitions in slovenia as the most demanding and good quality orchestra.
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Xylem TRIO was established in 2006 when three internationally recognized musicians Oskars Petrauskis, Raimonds Petrauskis and Rihards Zaļupe came together. Each of them has proven themselves as soloist and serious chamber musicians. The main idea of the Trio is to combine piano, saxophone and marimba/percussion. It is not an ordinary ensemble and there is not much repertoire written for this kind of instrumental composition. Though Xylem TRIO performs very wide spectrum of music as modern arrangements of original works from classics (J.S. Bach, G.F. Handel etc.) to folk songs, jazz and contemporary movie music, where the arrangers are the musicians themselves, putting together world, jazz and academic music elements.
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Young Ljubljana Soloists
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Ante Čagalj, still the ensemble's artistic director, gathered his students in 1990 to form the Zagreb Guitar Quartet.
The Zagreb Philharmonic is an orchestra boasting a 140-year tradition of distinguished performing in Zagreb and Croatia. It has been a promoter of the art of music across Croatia as well as the country’s cultural ambassador in the world
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Started playing professionally in Zagreb in 1871 and in 1920 earned the name of the Zagreb Philharmonics has developed into one of the most prominent cultural institutions in Croatia.
Formed in 1969 by promoting music written for wind instruments, with an emphasis on works written by Croatian authors.
Formed in 1985 under the Youth Music Center and is one of the most recognizable ensembles from Zagreb.
In recent times, Slovene musicians have been busy proving that they can successfully test themselves against virtually any style of music, traditional or classical. For several years now, tango has been a part of everyday life here, and its popularity keeps on growing. This new, tight and well-honed ensemble- most of whose members have classical music training- can undoubtedly contribute greatly to increasing the popularity of tango in Slovenia still further, but they also offer much more than just reinterpretations of the old Argentinian standards.
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