Formed by four Croatian saxophonists, alumni of Dragan Sremec's class at the Music Academy in Zagreb: Nikola Fabijanić, Gordan Tudor, Goran Jurković and Tomislav Žužak.
The purpose of the club is to create a guitar ensemble that will study, interpret and present different genres. Moreover, among other things , the club aims to encourage the participation of guitarists of all ages, it hopes to contribute to the overall development of the local music education, it wishes to work with other musicians, choirs, etc. In addition, it is possible to organize educational trips for concerts and other artistic performances.
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Established in 1998 within Prof. Mladen Sedak's chamber music class at the Music Academy in Zagreb.
Specializes in performing vocal and instrumental forms from the renaissance and early baroque periods with special emphasis on early Croatian music heritage.
Established by a group of music enthusiasts in 1976. The core of the ensemble is made of string instruments that are joined by wind instruments when needed.
Formed in 1998 by husband and wife Snježana (cellist) and Dragan (violist) Rucner. Currently, the other two members are violinists Ivana Penić Defar and Ana Paula Knapić Franković.
Established in 1982 as the Music Youth Zagreb Quartet. They took on their current name in 1990.
The folk music of the Croats has played an important role throughout the cultural history of the Austrian province of Burgenland. This type of music, especially the Tamburica-music, has recently gained further popularity beyond the borders of this province. The bilingual community of Steinbrunn, with its 1900 inhabitants, forms part of the unique cultural variety of the region. Following devastation by the Turks, the first Croats settled in Steinbrunn in 1555 and have since preserved their cultural identity. With their typical string instrument ensembles, the so-called "Tamburicas", they continue to convey the beauty and richness of their soulful and often melancholic music.
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Founded in 1995, the Orchestra mainly plays in a series of concerts held in the Croatian National Theatre Hall in Varaždin as well as during the Varaždin Baroque Evenings festival.
The wild classical music ensemble is a musical project launched by the association vzw.with in november 2007. Thanks to vzw.with, Damien Magnette, sound artist and drummer had the chance to meet Linh Pham, Johan Geenens, Rudy Callant and Kim verbeke, 4 artists with a mental disability. These 4 artists are working in different fine art media, but they also showed a will and talent to make music.
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Was the first chamber ensemble of this kind to be established in the region. The quartet was formed in 2002 by Krunoslav Babić who still plays with the ensemble, together with Aleksandar Benčić, Viktor Kirčenkov and Jurica Rukljić.
Formed in 1960 by Pavle Dešpalj, who is now their honorary conductor, but the Orchestra was not officially constituted before 1985. At that time violinist and teacher Petar Vrbančić took over the leadership of the ensemble.
Formed by music enthusiasts who organize the international Musica Maxima festival, numerous concerts and tours with fellow musicians from around the world in an aim of further promoting classical music.
Established in 2012 at an initiative of friends and colleagues Renata Penezić and Tamara Coha Mandić, both flutists.
Formed in 1984. The members have not changed since. The Trio has performed all over the country and Europe.
Formed in 1919, was the first permanent and professional ensemble of this type in Croatia.
Formed by alumni of the Music Academy in Zagreb from Josip Nochta's class. The Quartet has been working with its current members since 1989.
Formed in 1953 under the Zagreb Radio Television, led by cellist Antonio Janigro. All the members are characterized by virtuosity, discipline and pronounced enthusiasm for chamber music.
The Ensemble is composed of established musicians, trained in various high schools of music and in seminars in the country and abroad.
The piano duet THEINER & BREITNER is active since the beginning of the nineties. It is mainly devoted to contemporary music, with a focus an Austria and France. Crossing-over productions of operettae is the new, currently explored field. Concerts throughout Europe; numerous composers are in constant collaboration with the duet. Radio broadcasting productions of contemporary Austrian music. CDs.
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Together with her husband, the jazz pianist Elias Meiri, Timna Brauer founded the Brauer and Meiri Ensemble. They thus won the international jazz competition in Paris-la-Defense and produced - amongst others – for the ORF their own fantasy show “Open Sesame”.
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The Tonkünstler Orchestra Niederösterreich is among the most important institutions on the Austrian music scene. The main focus of the orchestra’s artistic work is the traditional repertoire, ranging from the classical to the Romantic period through to the 20th century; at the same time, the Tonkünstler set trends in the field of contemporary music.
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With its residencies at Musikverein Wien, the Festspielhaus St. Pölten and Grafenegg, the Tonkunstler Orchestra is among the major musical ambassadors for Austria. The main focus of the orchestra’s artistic work is traditional orchestral repertoire, ranging from the classical to the Romantic period through to the 20th century. At the same time, the Tonkunstler consider it a privilege to perform contemporary music. The orchestra currently employs around 100 musicians.
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The traditional singing group "Saucējas" are nine Latvian women united by a common goal – to learn and promote the styles and techniques of Latvian ethnographic singing, with special emphasis on local multipart singing traditions. The repertoire of the group consists of songs and vocal styles from three Latvian regions.
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Trbovlje Workers' Band was founded in 1903. From its beginnings, when twenty musicians, mostly miners, acted mainly working in public events, municipal and Revirski character, the real development of the band started in the thirties of the last century. Its organized professional and artistic path has risen sharply since the Second World War. Trbovlje Workers' Band so many decades is one of the best amateur brass orchestras.
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One of the most prominent Croatian chamber ensembles. Their first concert was in 1985 at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival.
The musicians of the duo – Magdalena Bojanowicz, cello and Maciej Frąckiewicz, accordion – have been granted the prestigious Passport Award of the “Polityka” weekly “for their highly mature and expressive interpretations of contemporary and other kinds of music for their courage, risk-taking and consistency for building up a repertoire for their concert creations, inspiring our imagination, and for their force of persuasion”.
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The Vienna Chamber Philharmonics were founded by Claudius Traunfellner in the fall of 1985 and consist primarily of young musicians, most of them being winners of an international award. As early as 1986 the orchestra managed to draw international attention.
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Created in October 2011 in Patras and initially consisted of voice students. The purpose of the artistic performance jazz and modern compositions. In his repertoire also includes Greek songs , spirituals and traditional. Its first appearance was in March 2012 at the Theatre ' Lithographion ' in Patras , with an evening dedicated to tango compositions . In July 2012 it took part in the 30th International Choral Festival of Preveza and art apart festival in EOT beach in Patras .
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The vocal ensemble “Putni” was established in 1993 in Riga, Latvia, by eight singers who all learned their skills in professional choirs in Latvia: the State Choir “Latvija”, the Latvian Radio Choir, the “Ave Sol” Chamber Choir, the Riga Vocal Group, “Marana”, etc. Members of the group frequently participate in various other musical projects both as solo singers and conductors.
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