The "Sinfonietta Riga" wind quintet has performed many concerts, plays music of many different genres, has presented premieres of various works and has received several homages from composers.
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The 2CELLOS have achieved tremendous success and raised the cello to a new level by erasing boundaries between different music genres.
Formed by versatile Croatian composer and instrumentalist Dubravko Detoni and a few other multimedia-oriented artists as the first ensemble specializing in contemporary music in the region.
Ensemble of six brass winds, members of the Croatian National Theatre Opera Orchestra, Croatian Radio Television Symphony Orchestra, and the Zagreb Philharmonics.
The Alma libre is a Vocal Ensemble based in Rethymnon , which consists of young musicians with an appetite and a great love for music and singing. The group was created in June 2012 by Mariella Vitorou and has already given performances in Rethymno , Chania and Heraklion with great success .
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Formed in 2008 by renowned professors of the Music Academy in Zagreb – violinist Leonid Sorokow, pianist Ruben Dalibaltayan and cellist Krešimir Lazar – with an aim of enriching the music scene of Zagreb and Croatia with works written for piano trios.
The members of Antiphonus intertwined after a long period of singing and music-making in various groups. Educated musicians of various profiles, they finally crystallised in a homogeneous group in 2006.
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Their delicate repertoire has been built from the earliest European works to the most recent pieces written by Croatian and foreign composers.
The Apollon Musagète Quartett was founded in 2006 by four Polish musicians: violinists Paweł Zalejski and Bartosz Zachłod, violist Piotr Szumieł and cellist Piotr Skweres. The four of them met in Vienna – a city where a vast part of the string quartet’s repertoire was written.
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Akademski pevski zbor Tone Tomšič University of Ljubljana unites students from all departments of the University of Ljubljana, which share a great love of singing and an unceasing wish to perform at the highest artistic level.
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The ensemble Art of Brass Vienna was founded in 1981 by five young musicians. Ever since it has fascinated the audience and critics alike with its richly contrasting programme, which includes own arrangements of works from various stylistic periods. Numerous Austrian composers have written works for this ensemble, which performs in various line-ups. The basic line-up is a wind quintet, which, depending on the respective project, is joined by additional players.
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ART VARIOUS established in Thessaloniki in 2003 by four exceptional musicians of our city. Over the ten years of continuous presence in the chamber music, has shown remarkable works (some of them first performance in Greece German arias of Handel, traditional songs of Beethoven, lyrics R. Rabey) highlighting rare compositions both voice and instrumental music.
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The orchestra was founded in Poznań in 1993 by violin players Ewa Golińska and Aureliusz Goliński, who brought together a group of talented young Polish musicians playing on historical instruments. The core of the ensemble was originally formed by string and continuo players from Poland, but over the years the orchestra has become more international, featuring musicians from, among others, Germany, England, the Netherlands, France, and Ireland.
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The ensemble consists of 7 core members and constantly collaborates with a number of other musicians and a varied range of artists.
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Artis piano trio has established itself as one of the leading chamber music ensembles with concerts in Carnegie Hall (Weil Recital Hall) , Athens Concert Hall , Parnassos Literary Society Hall and the most prestigious European Festivals.
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Voice mixed ensemble was founded in 2002 on the initiative of the conductor, pianist Dimitris Caravelis, with the support and participation of its members - most of whom professionally involved with music-for emergence of choral repertoire , strengthening the relations between the members of the scheme through wider artistic aims, as well as contact and understanding between all through joint participation and partnership with other shapes.
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Atom String Quartet is the leading Polish jazz group and one of the most interesting string quartets of the world. Since these four the most lovable violin players, with the energy adequate to the band’s name (Jan “Ptaszyn” Wróblewski) received the Grand Prix of the 13th Bielska Zadymka Jazz Festival, they constantly play at the greatest European music festivals, e.g. Berliner Jazztage, Jazz Baltica, Festival Veranos de la Villa Madrid, Jazz Jamboree, Ethno Jazz Festival or Solidarity of Arts.
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One of Europe’s most interesting chamber music ensembles, AUKSO was founded in February 1998 by a group of graduates from the Music Academy in Katowice and the outstanding violinist Marek Moś, conductor and chamber musician. The orchestra is meant to be more than just a place of work for them – rather, it is a space for artistic exploration and creative development, for joint creation of art of the highest order.
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THE AVSENIK HOUSE ENSEMBLE was established in 1999 on the initiative of Marjan Legat, Slavko Avsenik and Gregor Avsenik and was named the Jožovc House Ensamble. At first it was performing Avsenik’s music in the hall Pod Avsenikovo Marelo (Under the Avsenik Umbrella) but due to  recognizability the name was changed into The Avsenik House Ensemble and their quality perfoming of Avsenik’s music created the opportunity for the Ensemble to start perfoming outside the Avsenik house. The Avsenik House Ensemble is now performing in Slovenia as well as abroad, with Gregor Avsenik and his guitar solo occasionally appearing as their guest.
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Regardless of the fact that there are hardly any traces left of bagpipe and drum playing traditions in Latvia, both instruments are mentioned in Latvian folklore materials. Based in their own research and experience, "Auļi" have developed a perception of Latvian bagpipes, bagpipe tunes and the possibilities of the instrument, as well as combined this sound with the rhythm and beat of different kinds of drums, including one of the biggest tree trunk drums in the Baltic States.
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Balkansambel is a multiplex music formation that has decided to throw down the gauntlet of all unequal rhythms and manners of Balkan folk music.This unique musical sculpture was made in 2009 as a resolve to give a goodnight kiss to Vienesse waltz and polonaises....Our goal is to make dancing anyone, even those who are convinced of the fact they can’t dance. But if you assume that you are missing a note or two to be able to dance, it’s time to reconsider if you can only count properly ….
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Latvian youth choir BALSIS is celebrating its 26th anniversary this season. Led by Artistic Director Ints Teterovskis, youth choir BALSIS is one of Latvia’s most accomplished choirs. The choir comprises singers from Riga, many of whom are students and others who have professional careers
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The Baroque Ensemble Sinfonia is one of the first groups in Greece to perform on period instruments in order to remain closer to the expressive character, the sound colours and the dynamics of the music of the Baroque period. Its members haνe studied in Greece and abroad, close to Early Music spe¬cialists in distinguished establishments, and are now teaching the younger generation of Greek musicians specializing in this field.
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The Depeche Mode music has been with me since I was a teenager. After 25 years of development of my musical taste and discovering the diverse world of music, especially jazz, I rediscovered the vibrations of the Depeche Mode by writing classic big band arrangements of their songs and I am glad that Big Band KK is the first of its kind on the planet to ever perform the Depeche Mode music. Enjoy the depeched big band sound! Aleš Suša
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The Slovenian Radio and Television Big Band (Big Band RTV Slovenija) has existed continuously since 1945 and prides itself with being among the oldest orchestras of its kind worldwide.
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Formed in 1999 with Igor Lešnik as its artistic leader. Ensemble members are top Croatian percussion students and winners of numerous competitions for percussionists.
Male Choir "Brodosplit" was founded in 1972. This choir has become one of the most appreciated male choirs in Croatia throughout its work, wide range of numerous performances, interesting programmes, valuable interpretations, distinctive sonority and compact quality of voices.
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Formed in 2008, Camerata Garestin gathers leading Croatian vocal and instrumental interpreters of 17th and 18th-century music.
The Camerata Salzburg musicians are “full of revolutionary energy and utopic potential, uncompromisingly individual, daring, and modern - and yet classically stringent,“ as pronounced by the Salzburger Nachrichten in the occasion of the concert for the 60th anniversary of the orchestra.
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The singers' unusual technical efficiency, along with an emission and intonation appropriate to the early music performance canon, has attracted the attention of both critics and composers. The former have been generous with praise while the latter have composed pieces specifically for Camerata, dedicating them to various singers and to a lady conductor, who were all specially sought out for first performances of these pieces.
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